ARC LIGHTING SMART SERIES 1157 LED BULB (2 EA) W Tail Light Bulb – LED – 3217W

Smart Series 1157 LED Bu lbs White Pair


Part Number 3217W
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Tail Light Bulb – LED; Tiny Monster Smart Series; 1157 Philips 3020 High Power LED; White; 1000 Lumens; 9 To 18 Volt DC; Set Of 2

The SMART Series LED bulbs are your premium choice. The SmartCANbus technology fixes hyper flashes & “bulb out” errors by electronically simulating the load of incandescent bulbs. Boasting measured outputs far greater than any other replacement bulb on the market, the Smart Series is the most advanced LED bulb of all time.

Industry Number: 1157
Color: White
Voltage Rating: 9 To 18 Volt DC
Quantity: Set Of 2

– SmartCANbus Technology Fixes Hyper Flashes & Bulb Out Errors By Electronically Simulating The Load Of Incandescent Bulbs
– 360 Radius Light Output For Optimal Performance
– Compact Size Similar To Stock Bulb To Ensure There Are No Fitment Or Clearance Issues
– Waterproof IP67
– Limited 2 Year Warranty


Weight 0.07900 kg
Dimensions 5.43000 × 2.67000 × 0.86000 cm

Part Number