Auto Meter 3692

2-1/16in S/C II Voltmeter 8-18


Part Number 3692
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Gauge Voltmeter; Sport-Comp ® II; 2-1/16 Inch; Short Sweep Electric; Analog; 8-18 Volts; Black Face/ Brushed Bezel/ Orange Needle; Dimmed Nighttime View

Advanced 90 Degree air core movements & simple three wire installation characterize these high performance instruments. Electric sending units keep hazardous fluids in the engine compartment sending collected data via an electrical signal to quick reacting, precise air core movements to give you all the information that you need & nothing that you don’t.

Size (IN): 2-1/16 Inch

Type: Electrical

Voltage Range: 8 To 18 Volt

Display: Analog

Sweep: Short Sweep

Face Color: Black

Needle Color: Orange

Bezel Color: Silver

Number Color: White

Lighting: Dimmed Night Time View

Liquid-Filled: No

Includes Sending Unit: No

– Advanced 90 Degree Air Core Movements & Simple Three Wire Installation Characterize These High Performance Instruments

– Electric Sending Units Keep Hazardous Fluids In The Engine Compartment Sending Collected Data Via An Electrical Signal To Quick Reacting, Precise Air Core Movements To Give You All The Information

– Modern White LED Through-The-Dial Lighting Provides Clear Visibility During Nighttime Use

– Air-Core Electric Instruments Provide Quick & Accurate Readings

– Limited 12 Month Warranty


Weight 0.34500 kg
Dimensions 4.70000 × 4.30000 × 4.80000 cm

Part Number