CARQUEST 3.18123R Suspension Bushing Kit

Corvette Master Bushing Kit


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Part Number 3.18123R
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Suspension Bushing Kit; Hyper-Flex System ™; Red; Polyurethane; Includes Front & Rear Control Arm Bushings/ Front End Link Set/ Power Steering Arm Bushings/ Trans Mount/ Rear Spring Cushions/ Rear Strut Rod Bushings/ Differential Carrier Bushings/ Rear Sway Bar & End Link Bushings/ Ball Joint Boots/ Tie Rod End Boots

Complete Master Sets Get the combined performance of all component sets. Includes all that you’ll need, including Heavy Duty hardware. Max Performance! Available in black or red. Energy Suspension’s HYPER-FLEX SYSTEM™ Performance Bushing Master Sets for the most popular car & truck models, both import & domestic. With just one part number you can replace all of the major suspension bushing components with HYPER-FLEX™ performance Polyurethane. By installing a complete set of Energy’s performance Polyurethane bushings you’ll realize an incredible improvement in control no matter what demand you put on your vehicle. Check the individual Master Set listings to determine which components are included in the set for your vehicle.

Color: Red

Material: Polyurethane

Includes Front Control Arm Bushings: Yes

Includes Rear Control Arm Bushings: Yes

Includes Leaf Spring Bushings: No

Includes Stabilizer Bar Mount Bushings: Yes

Includes Stabilizer Bar End Link Bushings: Yes

Includes Shock Bushings: No

Includes Tie Rod End Boots: Yes

Includes Ball Joint Boots: Yes

Includes Bump Stops: No

Includes Body Mount Bushings: No

Includes Panhard Bar Bushings: No

Includes Transmission Mount: Yes

Includes Leaf Spring Pads: No

– Complete Master Sets Get The Combined Performance Of All Component Sets
– Includes All That You’ll Need, Including Heavy-Duty Hardware
– Energy Suspension’s HYPER-FLEX SYSTEM™ Performance Bushing Master Sets For The Most Popular Car & Truck Models, Both Import & Domestic
– Limited 2 Year Warranty



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