COMP CAMS BB CHRY 383-440 Camshaft – 213064

Bb Chry Cam 270H (Hyd) Single Bolt


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Camshaft; Magnum; Chrysler 6.3L-7.2L/383-440 Cubic Inch; Hydraulic Flat Tappet; 1800-5500 RPM Range; 224 Degree Intake Duration @ 0.050 Inch Lift; 224 Degree Exhaust Duration @ 0.050 Inch Lift; 0.470 Inch Intake Valve Lift; 0.470 Inch Exhaust Valve Lift; 110 Degree Lobe Separation

Magnum Camshafts are specifically designed for racing or high performance street applications by Engine builders looking for more power & that Pro Street sound. In addition, Engine idle characteristics will change significantly due to the increased duration & overlap specifications of the camshaft. Magnum cams are high performance components. Using a Magnum 280 Camshaft can net as much as 100 additional peak Engine Horsepower. Magnum 292 & 305 Camshafts can generate even more power but require piston to Valve clearance checks & the installation of a higher performing torque converter for automatic transmission equipped vehicles. Magnum Camshafts may work with new stock lifters, however, we recommend that you use COMP Cams® high performance lifters due to their higher quality & specifically designed bleed rate.

Engine Compatibility: Chrysler Big Block 383-400-413-426-440 Cubic Inch
Recommended Use: Mild Street Performance To Mild Race
Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
RPM – Low: 1800
RPM – High: 5500
Intake Duration At 0.050 Inch Lift (DEG): 224 Degree
Exhaust Duration At 0.050 Inch Lift (DEG): 224 Degree
Advertised Intake Duration (DEG): 270 Degree
Advertised Exhaust Duration (DEG): 270 Degree
Intake Valve Lift (IN): 0.470 Inch
Exhaust Valve Lift (IN): 0.470 Inch
Lobe Separation Angle (DEG): 110 Degree
Intake Centerline Angle (DEG): 106 Degree
Grind Number: 270H
Computer-Controlled Compatible: No

– Specifically Designed For Racing Or High Performance Street Applications By Engine Builders Looking For More Power & That Pro Street Sound
– Using A Magnum 280 Camshaft Can Net As Much As 100 Additional Peak Engine Horsepower
– Limited 1 Year Warranty


Weight 8.94000 kg
Dimensions 3.30000 × 24.20000 × 2.70000 cm

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