COMP CAMS CAM for CHEVY LS1 XTREME RPM Camshaft – 5441211

SBC LS1 Hydraulic Cam XR265HR-14


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Camshaft; XFI ™; GM LS Gen III/IV Three-Bolt; Hydraulic Roller; 1200-6000 RPM Range; 212 Degree Intake Duration @ 0.050 Inch Lift; 218 Degree Exhaust Duration @ 0.050 Inch Lift; 0.522 Inch Intake Valve Lift; 0.529 Inch Exhaust Valve Lift; 114 Degree Lobe Separation

The new XFI™ (Xtreme Fuel Injection) cams feature wider lobe separations for decreased overlap, yielding a more efficient combustion process. These cams are specifically engineered to work with fuel injected Engines. XFI™ cams deliver faster Valve openings & closings while maintaining complete Valve train control. This results in dramatic improvement in performance & durability. Electronic fuel injected Engines have very different Camshaft requirements from those of carbureted Engines. Carbureted Engines require a strong signal at the carb booster to draw the correct fuel mixture into the combustion chamber. Since that excess flow is not required with EFI engines, Camshaft lobe profiles can be manipulated for increased performance. The XFI™ Camshafts were designed to work in conjunction with recent Valve train technology advancements including COMP’s super clean “Beehive” Valve springs & increased ratio Pro Magnum rocker arms. Additionally, the XFI™ Camshafts take advantage of the high velocity EFI style Cylinder head intake ports, intake manifolds & combustion chamber designs, Stock Valve train components should not be used with the XFI™ Cams.

Engine Compatibility: GMC Gen III LS Engines
Recommended Use: Mild Street Performance To Mild Race
Type: Hydraulic Roller
RPM – Low: 1200
RPM – High: 6000
Intake Duration At 0.050 Inch Lift (DEG): 212 Degree
Exhaust Duration At 0.050 Inch Lift (DEG): 218 Degree
Advertised Intake Duration (DEG): 265 Degree
Advertised Exhaust Duration (DEG): 271 Degree
Intake Valve Lift (IN): 0.522 Inch
Exhaust Valve Lift (IN): 0.529 Inch
Lobe Separation Angle (DEG): 114 Degree
Intake Centerline Angle (DEG): 112 Degree
Grind Number: XR265HR
Computer-Controlled Compatible: No

– Feature Wider Lobe Separations For Decreased Overlap, Yielding A More Efficient Combustion Process
– Deliver Faster Valve Openings & Closings While Maintaining Complete Valve Train Control, This Results In Dramatic Improvement In Performance & Durability
– Limited 1 Year Warranty


Weight 8.80000 kg
Dimensions 3.40000 × 24.40000 × 2.70000 cm

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