COMP CAMS SB Mopar Extreme Energy Cam CRSXE268H-10 20-223-3

SB Mopar Extreme Energy Cam CRSXE268H-10


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Camshaft; Xtreme Energy ™; Chrysler 4.5L-5.9L/273-360 Cubic Inch; Hydraulic Flat Tappet; 1600-5800 RPM Range; 224 Degree Intake Duration @ 0.050 Inch Lift; 230 Degree Exhaust Duration @ 0.050 Inch Lift; 0.477 Inch Intake Valve Lift; 0.480 Inch Exhaust Valve Lift; 110 Degree Lobe Separation

Xtreme Energy Cams™ are designed to take advantage of the latest improvements in Valve train components & the newest developments in Camshaft lobe design. Their aggressive lobe design produces better throttle response & top end Horsepower than other cams with the same duration. Xtreme Energy Cams™ also deliver increased Engine vacuum. Can be used in any street or street/Strip application where both throttle response & top end Horsepower are desired. Because these Camshafts use aggressive lobe designs, it is imperative that Valve springs, locks, retainers, pushrods, lifters, Rocker Arms & other related components be matched to the camshaft.

Engine Compatibility: Chrysler Small Block V8 273-360 Cubic Inch
Recommended Use: Mild Street Performance To Mild Race
Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
RPM – Low: 1600
RPM – High: 5800
Intake Duration At 0.050 Inch Lift (DEG): 224 Degree
Exhaust Duration At 0.050 Inch Lift (DEG): 230 Degree
Advertised Intake Duration (DEG): 268 Degree
Advertised Exhaust Duration (DEG): 280 Degree
Intake Valve Lift (IN): 0.477 Inch
Exhaust Valve Lift (IN): 0.480 Inch
Lobe Separation Angle (DEG): 110 Degree
Intake Centerline Angle (DEG): 106 Degree
Grind Number: XE268H
Computer-Controlled Compatible: No

– Their Aggressive Lobe Design Produces Better Throttle Response & Top End Horsepower Than Other Cams With The Same Duration
– Also Deliver Increased Engine Vacuum
– Limited 1 Year Warranty


Weight 9.50000 kg
Dimensions 24.30000 × 2.90000 × 2.80000 cm

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