Ignition Coil-SuperCoil Accel 140001

Super Coil


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Ignition Coil; Super Coil; Canister; 45000 Volts; 0.700 Ohms Primary Resistance/11.8K Ohms Secondary Resistance/70:1 Turns Ratio; Yellow/Brown; Single

Engineered for faster rise time, longer spark duration & increased performance. Unique design with premium grade wire, special low resistance, high turns ratio windings. Produce higher spark energy with breakerless electronic ignition systems.

Coil Style: Canister

Primary Resistance: 0.7 Ohm

Secondary Resistance: 11.8 Kilo Ohm

Maximum Voltage: 45000 Volt

Internal Construction: Oil-Filled

Coil Wire Attachment Type: Female/ Socket

Color: Yellow/ Brown

Includes Ballast Resistor: No

Includes Coil Wire: No

Includes Mounting Bracket: Yes

– Engineered For Faster Rise Time, Longer Spark Duration & Increased Performance

– Unique Design With Premium Grade Wire, Special Low Resistance, High Turns Ratio Windings

– Produce Higher Spark Energy With Breakerless Electronic Ignition Systems

– For Points Applications The Supplied 0.85 Ohms Ballast Resistor Must Be Used In Conjunction With The Vehicles Original Ballast Resistor, If So Equipped

– Oversized Molded Case With Integral Cooling Fins & High Capacity Oil Filled Construction Provides High Thermal Conductivity Ensuring Cool Operation & Long Life

– Extra Tall Tan Alkyd Tower & Integral Voltage Dam Eliminates “Flashover” To Primary Terminals

– Comes Complete With Mounting Hardware & 0.85 Ohms Ballast Resistor. Effective To 6,500 RPM

– Limited 90 Day Warranty


Weight 3.58000 kg
Dimensions 7.90000 × 4.70000 × 4.00000 cm

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